More talks than ever before and
more awesomeness than ever before.


Pre-conference meet-up


Registration and breakfast
Tasty, tasty, free breakfast

Jeff Casimir

Keynote: What is a Developer?
Coffee break

Amanda Wagener

Mind Your Metaphors

Lourens Naudé

ZeroMQ: scriptable sockets
Free Lunch

Steve Klabnik

Designing Hypermedia APIs

Dennis Ushakov

“Fighting Code Smells”, Ruby Code Analysis Tools
Coffee break

Ville Lautanala

The Tale of A Server Infrastructure

Nick Sutterer

Off the Tracks - Challenging the Rails Mindset
Coffee break

Brandur Leach

Post-Rails? Composable Apps with a First-class API

Joe Kutner

Deploy, Scale, and Sleep at Night with JRuby
Coffee break

Jeff Casimir

Surprise talk!
End of day one
Day One meet-up (on a boat!)
Hosted by Deveo on the restaurant ship Wäiski
Address: Hakaniemenranta 11, Helsinki


The Frozen Rails 5K

Coder? Runner?
Tasty, tasty, free breakfast

Adam Hawkins

Advanced Caching in Rails

Jerry Jäppinen

Sponsored Talk by Deveo
Coffee break

Rogelio J. Samour

I know Kung Fu! (or neo4j on Rails without jRuby)
Free Lunch

Melanie Gilman & Mary Cutrali

Hungry Academy: Learning to Be a Developer in Five Months
Coffee break

Danish Khan

Γυβψ Community

Jeremy Walker

How to be a More Productive Developer
Coffee break

Terence Lee

Rescuing Resque

Katrina Owen

Therapeutic Refactoring
Coffee break

Mike Burns

When Not to Use Object-Oriented Techniques

Jim Weirich

Keynote: Y-Not — Adventures in Functional Programming
End of day two
Post conference party
Hosted by Reaktor at William K. Annankatu
Address: Annankatu 3, Helsinki